Our Internal Computer Network

One very simple analogy about how our body/mind works is in relating it to a computer and its inherent programming checks and balances. We have stored memories we have forgotten about, active and inactive files, deleted files, and all sorts of interesting programmes in place to keep us running smoothly. We also have “stuff” that has accumulated and got stuck, such as thinking patterns that no longer serve us and emotional ties to people or places we no longer require.

Just like in a computer we can scan, delete, save, modify, download, swap, adjust, cancel, clean out our temp files, and use our ‘search engine’ to do digging work to find those things that no longer serve us. As we know, a physical computer runs best when it’s had a defrag and scan! And so do we.

We can:

  • modify our programming to make ourselves function more easily;
  • delete or resolve programmes stuck in our subconscious we didn’t even realise were still influencing us, and replace them with something relevant to today;
  • gently remind our cells about all the good things it’s forgotten to feel like love, joy, compassion, respect, happiness, and so on.

Here is quote from Vianna Stibal’s Advanced ThetaHealing Book, relating our bodies to a computer:

“Our brain works like a biological super-computer, assessing information and responding to it. How we respond depends on the information that we received and how we interpret it [and] whether it becomes a belief system. When a belief has been accepted by the body, mind or soul, it becomes a programme.” (Page 71, Advanced ThetaHealing Text Book, Vianna Stibal).


So, what can we do to reprogramme ourselves in a safe and nurturing way?  Here are some ideas.

  • Begin by listening to the language you use. Listen to the words you use. Are those words positive and encouraging, or negative and depressing? Take time to rephrase your words to ensure they feel happy words. Happy words will begin to reprogramme your subconscious into a happier state. Yes, it will work!
  • Use affirmations each day to train your happy feelings. Write two or three affirmations down to repeat several times each day. You might start with:
    – I know what it feels like and how to have joy in my life.
    – I know what it feels like and how to have compassion for myself and others.
    – I understand happiness in every cell of my body.
    Some people look in the mirror and say them. How ever you do it, ensure you really begin to feel those words.
  • Start changing how you think. We become what we think. To retrain our self-esteem we really can begin by thinking good thoughts about ourselves. Tell your mind you are worthy of good thoughts about yourself. Speak it, feel it, and you will begin to “know it” deep inside.
  • Make a conscious decision to release old thoughts and energy. Tell yourself on all levels that you are now free of those thoughts or patterns. Keep repeating it as those stray thoughts return into your thinking. Release them again.

Sometimes things are tucked away in the depths of our internal computer network which defy our reasoning and logic, and also affect us without our awareness that they even exist. These are the things that can be cleared in a combined counselling and coaching session with some intuitive therapy.

Sue Yates
Counselling, Mentoring, Life Coaching and Intuitive Therapies