Healing Therapies


Life Challenges

Healing therapies work with a range of techniques looking at the whole person to help create change, find resolutions and manage life challenges.

By working together, discussing and looking at all options, you will understand more clearly the challenges before you and begin to see a new vision and way forward.

There are many challenges which affect each of us day to day.  Some challenges are new  while others may come from early life experiences.  Some may even be through inherited ancestral and genetic influences.  There is no right or wrong in what you are feeling or experiencing.  Whatever it is, is important to you, and that’s where we can start.  If you are struggling with situations, challenges, emotions or confusion of any kind, a new perspective can help you find  a new vision.

Thoughts and emotions are prompts from your body.  I can assist you to recognise and change these in which ever way that manifests for you.  Emotions can be a build-up over many years, or they can be  triggered by  something that has recently happened.  Sometimes you may not even know where they came from.

Alternative Counselling

This supports you to understand the influences in your life, and how they have created who you have become today. All is connected.

Mentoring – Life Coaching

Mentoring and Coaching focuses on where you are today and looks forwards to the goals you now wish to achieve. It supports you to realise there are new answers and options, and to create a new vision of who you can now become.

Healing Therapies

Healing is something that happens within you as you begin to understand more clearly that you are in control of your life, and that you now have new choices.

“To heal today and into the future,
it helps to understand and resolve the effects of the past.”

By utilising energy healing techniques based on ThetaHealing , I can cleanse your energy field from past attachments, help you realign and ground, and more, that will assist with the changes you now wish to create.


Legal Disclaimer

Life Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling and Healing Therapies can support you on many levels, but they are not intended to replace appropriate medical care.  It is requested that if you are under medical care for any reason, that you continue your full association with your medical practitioner.