The following information is an accumulation of my direct experiences and research.  Please read with discernment, do your own research, and form your own opinions.
EMF = ElectroMagnetic Frequency

Earth and Human Frequencies v. Electromagnetic Frequencies

The Earth resonates with what is called Schumann Resonance of approx 7.83 Hz. Yes, it does fluctuate but still remains in the range of Hertz.

The human body resonates with frequencies around 62 to 72 Hz when healthy.

Electromagnetic Frequencies from Cell Phones, Wifi and Cell Towers with 3G-5G technology ranges up to 2.5Ghz, and beyond.

A hertz is around one cycle per second.
Gigahertz range around one billion cycles per second.

With any 3G-4G frequencies in the Ghz range, the electromagnetic output is still at least one billion cycles faster than the frequency of physical life on Earth, and of Earth itself.  Moving into 5G, recent scientific and medical research now clearly states that 4-5G millimetre waves are impressively dangerous to all forms of life. Millimeter-waves are also known as micro-waves.

The power and effect of fluctuating GHz of one billion cycles per second on the body whose healthy operating system is inherently in the Hz range of one cycle per second, is pretty phenomenal, dangerous and damaging.

So, what do these frequencies do to the body?

They create Dissonance.  This means there becomes an intense confusion happening in the functioning of the body and brain.

The power of Ghz to Hz creates a disruption in the human energy field.  This happens because the two forces are not compatible and cannot be synthesised.  The diametrically opposing frequencies are inescapably creating disagreement, disorientation and incongruity. In other words, the frequency of the human body will be affected by a much stronger force it can not reason with.

Against a controlled force of 3G-5G the human energy field does not have the ability to maintain its natural alignment and balance, and the higher the GHz and the closer the mm waves, the fewer reprieves.

Metaphysically, the frequencies of 3G-5G may exacerbate and aggravate the psychological responses resembling fear, trauma, grief and emotional pain, due to the distorted and confused brain-mind connection to EMF and RF.  Most adults don’t understand what is happening to them, but they inherently and subconsciously know something is out of balance.  Children don’t have that awareness or comparison.  This is their life, and all that many of them have ever known.

Recognising the beginnings of EMF exposure

Once an adult or child’s immune system is compromised through ill health or oxidative stress factors, these psychological responses become more difficult to rise beyond.  Children in particular, will develop symptoms of EMF exposure more aggressively than before. EMF symptoms are like radiation sickness.

For children,some of the first symptoms may appear as emotional and behavioural difficulties, where children get angry, irritable, agitated, unable to concentrate or focus, and perhaps even aggressive.  They may present as fatigue, sleep problems, tinnitus, headaches and memory problems.  Often the symptoms may present themselves similar to autism spectrum disorders or ADHD.  EMF exposure on susceptible children may well exacerbate learning difficulties.

Adults may show all of the above, and the exposure may present more as depressive symptoms, brain fog, inability to concentrate, immunity difficulties, irritability, and difficulties with reasoning well.

The reasons for these symptoms are because the interference of electromagnetic frequencies are confusing and jumbling the normal functioning of the brain, affecting thinking and processing patterns. The EMF frequencies are affecting neural pathways, brainwaves, and the health of the DNA and cellular structures in the body.  Our bodies have their own electrical frequencies in the Hertz range, and can eventually find it difficult to stay focused when exposed to higher EMF frequencies for any length of time.

Long term, all these patterns of constant exposure may eventually contribute towards ill health, which may include such problems as: cognitive and functional impairment; chronic depressive states; damage to immune systems; fragmented and fractured DNA; cellular damage, plus other more extreme health conditions over time.

EMF and Children

Children’s skulls are not yet fully formed, nor thick enough to resist the current exposure processes, until about mid-twenties. Their brains are still in physiological and emotional developmental stages.  WiFi and technology has the potential to interfere with, and impair and delay, natural brain development and maturation.

5G Cell Towers near schools will compound reaction rates in children.  It happens on a cellular level and for the most part, it’s still not an obvious symptomatic awareness.  In time, the children will begin symptomatic responses probably beginning with signs of emotional and behavioural disturbances, and compromised immune systems.

What you can do

If you have a child who has emotional and behavioural disorders, or is developing them, the first thing to trial is to remove all forms of wireless technology from them.  Remove them from exposure to Wifi, cell phones, smart meters, wifi toys and games,  and any other devices which connect via wireless technology.  If this is a base for the problem, within a few days you may begin to notice a difference in your child’s behaviour.  Remove all electrical and electronic devices (even if plugged in) from a child’s bedroom, especially next to the bed.

As an adult, trial these things for yourself too.  Turn your cell phone off while you are driving, or put it into a blocking and shielding pocket.  This stops the cell phone constantly tracking and updating pulling wifi into your space, as you drive.  Never sleep with your cell phone in the room. Preferable turn it off at night or put it into a blocking pocket.  Remove all electrical and electronic devices from near your bed.

Others things to do:

  • Avoid having wifi on in the house during the night.Turn it off during the day if not in use.  The best option is to hard-wire your IT devices.
  • Never let children sleep with phones or electronic equipment in their bedrooms.
  • Talk to your child’s school to see if they have hard-wired IT or Wifi.  Encourage them to use wired technology.  Explain that your child is Electromagnetically Sensitive and you wish for him or her to be away from routers and wifi signals.
  • Keep cell phones away from the body, or in flight mode when not being used.  Never carry them directly in pockets or on your person next to the body. Use a blocking pocket for your cell phone when not in use.
  • Use loud speaker on the phone to avoid holding the phone close to the head.
  • Research Air Tube ear plugs for your cell phone.  These can minimise the transfer of electromagnetic frequencies into the head.
  • Keep children, in particular, away from microwave ovens. In fact, avoid them altogether.
  • If you have a Smart Meter for your electricity readings, request it to be swapped backed to an analogue meter.  Find a power company that will do this. Smart Meters emit high levels of EMF on a very quick and frequent cycle.
  • Avoid living near pylons and cell phone towers.
  • Be cautious of any home surveillance equipment which uses wifi. If uncertain, ask for it to be tested for emissions by the provider.
  • Do your research and become informed.  You will find information that supports both sides of the argument. Decide how you want to interpret it.

Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity  (EHS)

Any condition where a child or adult reacts to electromagnetic fields, most often given off by cell phones and wifi, is referred to Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity – EHS. This means that the body and brain are showing physical signs of not coping with being exposed to ElectroMagnetic Frequencies – EMF.

We are ALL electromagnetically sensitive.  It’s just that many people have not yet become aware of it and how it’s affecting them.  Even though we aren’t aware of it, we are ALL still subtlely being affected on a cellular level – without exception!  Children can’t explain about it because many children don’t know any different. Therefore it becomes the responsibility of adults to ensure they are monitoring their children’s EHS safety and well-being, as well as their own.

A reliable source of EHS can be found at:

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

Disclaimer:  If you or your child are experiencing any of the abovementioned effects, which could be attributed to EHS, it is still vitally important that you seek professional medical help in the first instance.  This information does not in any way replace appropriate medical diagnosis and treatment.  It is another option to consider, alongside medical diagnostics.